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Ooh! Ooh! I have a current events joke!

Go easy on me im drunk.

When I heard that the A/C had gone out at the AT&T Center in San Antonio tonight for the NBA finals, I thought to myself... I guess this favors the Heat.


Texas is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the show "Survivor" by hosting its own version.

Contestants will have to drive from Amarillo and visit checkpoints in the following cities, Lubbock - Dallas - Waco - Austin - Houston - Laredo - San Antonio - El Paso and finish back in Amarillo.

Contestants will be give a pink Saab with a bumper stickers that read, "I'm Gay, I'm Vegan, I Voted for Al Gore, and I'm here to confiscate your guns!"
The contestant who makes it back to Amarillo alive...wins.

Bubba n' Buford II

One day Bubba n' Buford were drivin' down the Farm to Market road in their pickup drinkin' Lone Star longnecks n' chillin' out to Bob Wills "San Antonio Rose" n' low n' behold, they come over a hilltop and there's a DPS roadblock a stoppin' folks. Thinkin' quick, Bubba pulls over to the side a the road n' Buford says "What we gonna do, you get another DUI n' they gonna throw away the key n' I'm still on probation for that thing with the duck at the theater!" Suddenly Bubba gets a big smile n' says, "Here I got a idy...". Meanwhile the DPS knows these two good 'ol boys and watches carefully as they pull back onto the road n' ease up to the roadblock. As he looks in the drivers window there's Bubba n' Buford smilin' ear to ear with beer labels stuck to thier foreheads. With a serious look on his face he asks the obvious question, "You boys been drinkin'?" With a big innocent smile on his face Bubba says, "No sir. We're on the patch!"

Italian Couple

so an Italian couple walks into their hotel room for their honeymoon. they are getting ready to go to a restaurant. the husband, named Antonio, is already done so he tells his new wife that he is going down to the bar to wait for her. when the wife is ready, she goes down to the bar to find that Antonio is gone. she asks the bartender if she has seen Antonio. the bartender then said, " oh yeah he was just here, he looked like he was in a hurry so he ordered a dos equis and left lickadee-split". then the woman said to the bartender in her Italian accent, "no no lady. my Antonio is not like that. he may smackadee-ass, grabadee-boob, but he never lickadee-split."

Hey United, my ex is flying flight 2145 from Atlanta to San Antonio, seat 12-D...

Do your thing!!!

What did Antonio Moniz say when he was asked how he came up with the idea for lobotomy?

"Well, it was really a no-brainer."

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