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There are two things that never gets old

1. Jokes about antivaxers
2. Kids of antivaxers

Anti-vaxers musty love comedy,

'cause they just get everything.

Why was the antivaxers 5 year old son so sad?

He was having a mid-life-crisis.

Antivaxers joke, Why was the antivaxers 5 year old son so sad?

A recent study has shown that almost 92% of anti-vaxers are republican.

guess that problem solves itself.

Why was the anti-vaxers baby crying.

It was having a mid-life crisis.

I found out where to get credible sources for anti-vaxers!!!

The Morgue

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7's parent's were anti-vaxers and he's got measles.

Antivaxers joke, Why is 6 afraid of 7?

What's the fastest way to clear a room full of Anti-Vaxers..?


Anti-Vaxers are meeting today to change their name

After finally debating for awhile, they all agreed on Pro-Disease.

There are two things that will never get old,

dark humour And antivaxers kids.

What do anti-vaxers call a transformer that has been vaccinated?

Autismus Prime

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Only anti-vaxers will get this...


Why don't anti-vaxers use Facebook?

Because they're scared of being poked

Where do you think the antivaxers have hidden in the current pandemic?

They are busy burying their dead kids.

Only anti-vaxers will get this...

The flu

Why are anti-vaxers the worst sportsmen?

They never give you any shots.

Antivaxers joke, Why are anti-vaxers the worst sportsmen?


Who would win a race between a vaccinated 10 year old and an unvaccinated 10 year old?

The vaccinated one because the other one doesn't exist.

Here's something only anti-vaxers will get.


Things that never get old. #1: making fun of anti vaxers.

#2: anti-vaxers kids.

What's the difference between unvaccinated children and jokes about anti-vaxers ?

They never get old.

Anti-vaxers got it right

Gotta stop the global warming.

Why do anti-vaxers not believe Fox News nor Trump?

Because they can see when lies are being fed to them- and they know it's not good for their children.

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