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Two Israelis are sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, reading.

One has got a quality newspaper, the other an antisemitic rag. "Why on earth are you reading that?" one asks. "I used to read a quality paper like you," the other sighs, "but I couldn't handle it any more – the rockets from Gaza and Hezbollah getting stronger every day and the Iranian nuclear programme and the suffering economy and growing antisemitism across Europe…" He points to the antisemitic rag. "Now I read this and I feel much better. Turns out there's actually a Jewish global conspiracy and we control the entire world."

I've really got to stop being so anti-semitic...

or else I'm going to get audited soon

What does an anti-Semitic turkey say?

Goebbel goebbel.

I'm not anti-Semitic, I had a Jewish friend once.

Then I found out he was Jewish.

Because of the anti-semitic comments on my last joke, I am submitting a revised version

A ~~man~~KKK member goes to his ~~Rabbi~~ Grand Dragon.

"~~Rabbi~~Grand Dragon, I think my wife is trying to poison me!"

"Very interesting," says the ~~Rabbi~~Grand Dragon. "Let me go and talk to her and see what I can find out."

A few hours later the ~~Rabbi~~Grand Dragon calls the ~~man~~KKK member up.
"I've spent several hours speaking with your wife," he says.

"What should I do?" the ~~man~~KKK member asked.

"Take the poison."

What do you call an anti-Semitic sea mammal?


What do you call small anti-Semitic chunks of ice falling from the sky?


Historians recently discovered evidence that Hitler was a ventriloquist.

Apparently he would sneak out some nights with his dummy who was a violinist. He would bring the dummy to small concert venues and ventriloquize the violin music, interjecting humorous anti-Semitic remarks in between songs. To avoid being recognized, we wore a fake mustache, and called his act A Doll Fiddler.

Lots of people are claiming to be victims of anti-Semitic attacks since Trump became President...

It's fake Jews, folks.

What do you call it when Mel Gibson questions your word choice?

An anti-semitic semantic

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