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The Best jokes about Antisemantic

Is there a difference between "Jew" and "Jewish"?

I don't think so. But then, I am anti-semantic.

Grammar Nazis are self-contradictory

Because they are anti-semantic.

I went on a very unpleasant date with a Jewish grammarist the other day

Now I think I'm anti-semantic.

Hitler failed English class.

He was an anti-semantic.

Hitler absolutely hated when people would argue minor details or quibble with him.

He was very anti-semantic

Why did Hitler fail literature class?

He was anti-semantic.

I don't like when people distinguish between Jew and Hebrew

I guess you could say I am anti-semantic.

An anti-semantic walks into a synagogue.

The linguists in the group are offended and leave.

The problem with grammar nazis?

They're anti-semantic.

Why wouldn't the student take writing advice from his Jewish English teacher?

He was anti-semantic.

My Grandfather is pretty anti-semantic...

He hates the Jewish and also isn't fond of Semites.

Say what you will about grammar nazis

At least they aren't anti-semantic.

Whatcha call someone who discriminates against you's?


I hate Grammar-Nazis.

I think it's because of how anti-semantic they are.

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