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Along with "Antimatter" and "Dark Matter" we've recently discovered the existence of...

"Doesn't Matter" witch appears to have no affect on the universe at all.

What do antimatter and MC Hammer have in common?

Can't touch this

My wife tried to make antimatter in the kitchen

But she ran out of counterspace

Along with the Antimatter and Darkmatter, Physicists in collaboration with volundads (dads who volunteered, from all over the world) have discovered the existence of another matter called

Doesn't matter, which seems to have no effect on the universe whatsoever

I love living in my antimatter house...

It's in a negated community.

If there is more anti-matter than matter in the universe ...

.... does this mean that there are more anti-black lives than black lives?

I don't get why people are so obsessed with anti-matter

It doesn't even matter

Antimatter joke, I don't get why people are so obsessed with anti-matter

I would tell you an antimatter joke...

... but it doesn't matter

A clown and an antimatter clown annihilate each other.

No laughing matter...


ah whatever, it doesn't matter.

Along with antimatter and dark matter, a new type of matter was discovered

Called doesn't matter, which has absolutely no affect on the universe whatsoever

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What does anti-matter do?

never mind, it doesn't matter.

What's matter in reverse?


Counterspace..... is that like antimatter?

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