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I made a list of my favorite anti-jokes. The first 10 are great but the last one is fucking gold.

01) great

02) great

03) great

04) great

05) great

06) great

07) great

08) great

09) great

10) great

11) fucking gold


Why are antijokes surprising to people?

Because they point out the obvious while the listeners are expecting a joke.


What do you call a black person that can fly a plane?

A pilot, you racist fucks.

Wasn't that well received in anti-jokes, so I figured it might work better here.


I hate antijokes. You expect a funny ending but

You are always disappointed.


Why can't antijokes go to the prom?

Because there might be a punchline!


Recently got into Anti-Jokes

Why can't Michael Jackson play ping-pong anymore?

He's dead


I used to tell lots of mean anti-jokes...

But they drove my mam's sister to suicide.


Need your best anti-Jokes

Guys I love anti-jokes.
Like they are the only ones that make me laugh.
I need more in my life.


What are the most funny Antijokes jokes of all time ?

Did you ever wanted to stand out with a good sense of humour joking with someone about Antijokes? Well, here are the best Antijokes dad jokes to laugh out loud. Crazy funny puns and Antijokes pick up lines to share with friends.


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