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  1. Why are antijokes surprising to people? Because they point out the obvious while the listeners are expecting a joke.
  2. Need your best anti-Jokes Guys I love anti-jokes.
    Like they are the only ones that make me laugh.
    I need more in my life.
  3. A seven year old boy told me this antijoke: "What kind of cheese isn't yours?" Not your cheese.
  4. Anti-joke time Q: What is 1 foot long, stiff and makes women scream all night?
    A: A dead baby.
  5. What do men with erectile dysfunction and the punch line of an anti-joke have in common? They never come
  6. What did the joke say to the anti-joke "I'm a joke," and the proceeded to cry into his beer.
  7. It's 4AM and I keep hearing voices... Though that's probably because I'm listening to music.
    Sorry this s**... and is more like an antijoke, I have a midterm in a couple hours and I'm tired.

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  1. What's the opposite of an antijoke? An unclejoke
  2. Why can't antijokes go to the prom? Because there might be a punchline!
  3. Why couldn't the pirate get into the movie? Because he didn't have enough money.
  4. I hate antijokes. You expect a funny ending but You are always disappointed.
  5. Recently got into Anti-Jokes Why can't Michael Jackson play ping-pong anymore?
    He's dead
  6. Do you wanna know why i hate anti-jokes? They're not funny
  7. Whats worse than finding a worm in your apple? Listening to an antijoke.
  8. Seriously you can't be sure? I can't, and don't call me serious
    Awful antijoke
  9. What did the anti-joker say to the joker? I'm Batman.
  10. I used to tell lots of mean anti-jokes... But they drove my mam's sister to s**....

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Need help finding the punchline to a joke!!

So i remember reading this joke (or antijoke) where 100 nuns are travelling and decide to stop at the inn for the night. The clerk says they only have room for 50 so the nuns say "its okay, 50 will sleep inside and 50 will sleep outside". The next morning, the 50 nuns that slept outside are all dead, blood everywhere and theres a crazy monk running away with a chainsaw. The nuns decide to carry on and stop at the next inn. The clerk tells them they only have room for 25 so the nuns say "its okay, 25 will sleep inside and 25 will sleep outside". The next morning.......and the joke goes on like that until there's only 2 nuns left and I CAN'T REMEMBER THE PUNCHLINE UGHHH!! Someone please help, it's driving me nuts!!

Does anyone know the answer to the riddle that asks, "Is is colder on the farm or in the Winter? Which is longer, a rope?"

Does anyone know the answer to the riddle that asks, "Is is colder on the farm or in the Winter? Which is longer, a rope?" I have been trying to get this for the last month or so. There are a ton of clues that I can give for it, but I still can't come up with the right answer. I think it's one of those anti-joke riddles where the answer is something so obvious it lacks a c**....

Knock Knock!

Who's there?
Dave who?
Dave holds back tears as he realises his mother's Alzheimer's is getting worse.
Note: This anti-joke is submitted to commemorate the new Alzheimer's treatment, and the immanent loss of a source of much comedic humour - aged dementia.

Multijokes: How many Jews can you fit in a family car.

Standard Answ**e**r: Three in the back, two in the front and six-million in the ashtray.
Follow-Up Answ**e**r: Three in the back, two in the front and none anywhere else because the Holocaust never happened.
Alternate Answ**e**r: Three in the back, two in the front and a family of eight hiding under the roof-rack.
Efficient Answ**e**r: Not enough, we'll need to use trains.
Anti-Joke Answ**e**r: Please tell me, myself and some Jewish friends are going to Florida but ~~cannot afford~~ are too-cheap for plane tickets.
Racist Answ**e**r: Throw a dollar in there and they'll all get in.