The Best 9 Antifa Jokes

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Funny Antifa Jokes and Puns

My grandfather was part of Antifa back in the 1940s.

Back then they called it the US Army.

The NYPD is reporting that Antifa has painted convincing-looking tunnels on walls to trick New York's Finest into running into them at high speed

They're calling it "operation meep-meep"

You what's the best thing about being an Antifa protestor?

You never have to take off work to go to a protest

Why don't Antifa like the desert?

The heat is oppressive.

What's the difference between my grandpa and a millennial antifa?

number of white supremacists killed.
god, these millennials are lazy!

Little known fact but the full name is "do re me so la ti do"

"Anti-fa" for short

Antifa claims to be about fighting fascism.

If you use the wrong pronoun though, they actually turn into grammar Nazis.

Only anti-faxers will get this.

Email. Use email.

I don't understand why ANTI-FA behave the way they do.

Or, for that matter, what exactly they have against the Football Association.

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