Antifa Jokes

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The Best jokes about Antifa

The NYPD is reporting that Antifa has painted convincing-looking tunnels on walls to trick New York's Finest into running into them at high speed

They're calling it "operation meep-meep"

You what's the best thing about being an Antifa protestor?

You never have to take off work to go to a protest

Why don't Antifa like the desert?

The heat is oppressive.

What's the difference between my grandpa and a millennial antifa?

number of white supremacists killed.
god, these millennials are lazy!

Little known fact but the full name is "do re me so la ti do"

"Anti-fa" for short

Antifa claims to be about fighting fascism.

If you use the wrong pronoun though, they actually turn into grammar Nazis.

Only anti-faxers will get this.

Email. Use email.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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