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My dad first talked to me about sex when I was going to college.

He said, "Son, in college you're going to be surrounded by beautiful girls, so I got you something from the chemist."

"Dad," I said, "I have condoms."

And he said, "You won't need condoms, I got you some anti-depressants."

My wife said she is leaving me because of my addiction to anti-depressants...

Guess I won't be needing those anymore.

Since I'm going away to college, my Dad sat me down to have a talk.

He said OK, Dan, you're going off to college. You're going to be living away from home, in a dorm, surrounded by beautiful girls. So I got you something from the drug store.

I said It's ok, Dad- I already know about condoms.

He's said No - anti-depressants.

Last weekend, I tried throwing an orgy for people on antidepressants...

But nobody came

Whoever stole my anti-depressants,

I hope your happy now.

Somebody stole my antidepressants.

I hope they're happy now.

Growing up in poverty, my mom was a lot like my anti-depressants...

Neither of them really worked.

I think I need to put my dog on antidepressants

I ask him how his day was. His answer is always "Rough"

Someone stole my antidepressants

Whoever you are, I'm not happy

I started out with $20 in my pocket, and if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me I'd be a huge success...

I'd have $5, the antidepressants cost fifteen

Earlier today six dwarfs stole my antidepressants.

Not Happy.

I didn't have any candy at Halloween...

So I gave out my antidepressants.

It made the kids happy, but it was a real downer for me.

To whoever took my anti-depressants

I hope you're happy

The Russians are developing new anti-depressants

They call them USSRI'S


I hope you're happy now.

What is stronger than Ronda Rousey?

Her anti-depressants.

My doctor prescribed me antidepressants and said they would change my outlook

I don't know how many different ways you can look at a half empty glass

They say money can't buy happiness...

but my antidepressants say otherwise.

I knew a girl who always confused her birth control and anti-depressants

She had the sweetest little baby.

Somebody stole all of my antidepressants.

I hope they're happy with themselves!

When I was a teenager, I used to flush my anti-depressants down the toilet.

Not good for my my mental health, but the Dog was never happier.

What's it called when you steal a group of people's antidepressants?

Cultural Lexapropreation

What did the pharmacist say to the Orioles fan?

Here are your antidepressants.

My psychiatrist is a cow

After she prescribed me anti-depressants, she asked if they had improved my moooooood

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