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To the guy who stole my anti-depressant medication

I hope you're happy now.

I told my doctor "exercise is the best antidepressant available "

"Sounds like a bit of a stretch", he replied

There's a new antidepressant on the market for lesbians.


Antidepressant joke, There's a new antidepressant on the market for lesbians.

there's a new antidepressant made only for lesbians...

it's called Trycoxagain

Did you hear about the new anti-depressant for lesbians?

It's called tricoxagain.

I'm depressed because the store just ran out of the thing I wanted to buy for Christmas

It was antidepressant

I came up with a great name for an antidepressant


Antidepressant joke, I came up with a great name for an antidepressant

To whoever took my anti-depressants

I hope you're happy

Prescription drug recall

The pharmaceutical company AvKare has issued a recall for two of their drugs which were accidentally switched. An antidepressant and a drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

This explains why my grandfather has been so moody yet my grandmother has been so happy!

new antidepressant for lesbians has just been unveiled.


Scientists have invented a new antidepressant for lesbians

It's called Tricoxagin

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An antidepressant a day

Keeps me from blowing my head away

Science has developed a new antidepressant that is administered rectally

They call them Suppositives

What do you call an ant who cheers you up?


My daughter used to be scared of her anti-depressant medication.

But now look at her - she takes it like a Lexapro.

If I ever ran out of my antidepressant...

It'd make me very unhappy

Antidepressant joke, If I ever ran out of my antidepressant...

Who says anti-depressants don't work,

that mass murderer looked pretty happy.

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