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What do you call a boring story about global warming?


What if this whole Global Warming thing doesn't happen?

Boy, will that be anticlimatic!

I read an erotica about edging.

It was okay, but I thought it was a bit anticlimatic.

Weatherman forecasted the worst storm in over a hundred years, but it didn't hit us.

It was very anticlimatic

I've had it with climate change deniers...

The global warming truthers are so anti-climatic!

I didn't get too worked up over Trumps decision on the climate accord...

the whole thing was rather anti-climatic.

I had sex yesterday for the first time

As much as I expected it to be amazing, it was very anti-climatic.

I tried publishing my novel...

in which I stress the danger of global warming by describing my experience battling encroaching fire ant colonies. Every publisher called it ant-I-climatic.

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