Anticlimactic Jokes

Are you looking to break the ice with a joke that'll have everyone in stitches? Check out this collection of long, anticlimactic jokes guaranteed to bring out the biggest laughs. Each joke's setup has a full buildup to a final climax that is sure to leave everyone laughing. Contains jokes about manganese and more.

Witty Anticlimactic Jokes for Laughter-Filled Fun with Friends

The Cold War was so anticlimactic...

I mean, most of it was just Stalin.

Why is No Nut November so goddamn boring?

It is probably the most anticlimactic month

An anticlimactic joke about periods

They come to a full stop

What is the most awesomely amazing word in the English language?


Someone asked me if I was more indecisive or anti-climactic.

I guess if I had to choose...I'd definitely say I'm one or the other.

I read a book called anticlimactic...

the first half was good.

Elevator music is anticlimactic

But it has it's ups and downs.

What do you call sex where no one comes?


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