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What present can you give to the woman who has everything?


What do you give a girl who already has everything?


I didn't know what to do with all the gifts my ex gave me.

So I took antibiotics until they went away.

No matter how popular they get..

... antibiotics are never going viral.

What do you get the man who has everything?


What do you give the girl who's got everything?


Whats the opposite of Antibiotics?


Antibiotics joke, Whats the opposite of Antibiotics?

What's the difference

A man walks into a pharmacy, buys some antibiotics, pays $25.45, walks out. A second later, the pharmacist bolts out of the pharmacy, catches up with the man, and breathlessly says: "sir, there's been a mistake! Instead of the antibiotics, I gave you Cyanide. " The man asks: "and what's the difference?" The pharmacist says: "two dollars and ten cents".

My cat needed to take some antibiotics recently, so I wrapped it up in ham

When it couldn't run away it made the whole process much easier.

ALEX TREBEK: This accidental discovery in 1928 opened the door to modern antibiotics

**ME:** *(spraying a mouthful of popcorn)* WHAT IS A DOORKNOB?!

How did the doctor cure the woman with Tourette's?


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What did the doctor give the Asari with an STD?


they say that antibiotics prevent birth control from working

I don't know, I've taken antibiotics before and my personality still did its usual job

Doctor can't tell what antibiotics you need?


Doctor, doctor, I keep wanting to study antibiotics.

Don't worry I'm going to put you on a course of penicillin.

What do you give to someone who has everything?


Antibiotics joke, What do you give to someone who has everything?

What does Elvis say when he gets an infection that standard antibiotics can't treat?


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