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An anthropologist visits a tribe that eats only meat...

An anthropologist visits an exclusively carnivorous tribe in previously uncharted deep-jungle territory and word gets around about this strange woman who eats plants.

M'buk says to T'gru, "Have you heard about this woman who eats *plants?*"

T'gru gets this puzzled look and says "no, I've never heard of herbivore!"

Why shouldn't you lend a anthropologist money?

They consider a million years ago to be Recent.

Anthropologists found a group of people whose religion forbids them from being angry

They're called the Nomads

What's the difference between a sociologist and an anthropologist?

Sociologist's study people who wear pants.

A French man and an Irish man walk into a bar.

The French guy asks his friend: "say, how many Americans does it take to change a lightbulb?".

The Irish replies: "how would I know? I'm neither an electrician nor an anthropologist!"

Why did the anthropologist eat a lot of yogurt?

So that he could understand culture.

What do you call an academic who apologises all the time?

An anthropologist

What's the easiest way to confuse an anthropologist?

Hold up a used tampon and ask him to identify which period it's from

Whats the difference between an anthropologist and a sociologist?

Anthropologists hate Western Civilization. Sociologists only hate America.

An anthropologist travels to the deepest darkest rainforest...

to study a tribe untouched by civilisation.

As he is trecking towards the villiage he starts to hear drumming. The closer he gets, the louder it gets. It's relentless and doesn't seem to stop.

A day later he arrives at the villiage and gets introduced to the eldar. He immediately asks "What are the drums for?"

The eldar simply responds "The drums must never stop."

Throughout the night and the next day the incessent drumming starts to grate on his nerves. He asks around and every member of the tribe answers with "The drums must never stop."

3 days later he has had no sleep and is at a loose end. He approaches the eldar.

"I really have to know about the drums."

"The drums must never stop."

"Yes, yes. I know that. But why?"

The eldar looks at him and says "Bass solo."

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