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My friend Susan identifies as a man and changed his name yesterday.

Susan be Anthony.

A teacher asks the class,"What do you do after school, kids?"

Anthony says "I buy w**... from Yakobo"
Emily says "I buy booze from Yakobo"
Shaun says "I buy c**... from Yakobo"
The teacher definitely didn't want to hear this type of responses, so she asks another random kid whom she didn't know that well.
"I complete my homework" he says.
Pleased, the teacher says "very good! What's your name, child?"
"I'm Yakobo"

Did you hear the one about the mother who called all her 10 sons Anthony?

When someone told her that it's a complication she replied, "No it's not. It simplifies my life."
"How so?" she was asked.
"Simple" she replied, "When dinner's ready I just call Anthony and all of them come."
"But what do you do if you want to call the attention of one in particular?"
"I call him by his last name."

A father's day joke

Father: Anthony, do you think I am a bad father?
Son: My name is Paul.

I finally found the perfect name for my IUD.

Casey Anthony

Bad Mother

Anthony, do you think I'm a bad mother?
Son: My name is Casey

A good name for a t**....

Susan B. Anthony

Can someone please explain this joke to me? I really don't get it.

So I was watching this stand-up comic named Anthony Jeselnik and while the rest of his show is hilarious, there was one joke I just don't get at all.
"I once mowed the lawn at a battered woman's shelter... if you know what I mean".
Yea; I'm seriously stumped.

I have a friend named Anthony...

Together we are OP and Anthony...

I think my friend, Jeff, is gay...

...I don't know... I'm so bad with names.
-Anthony Jeselnik

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