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  1. Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams got into a fight over the phone. After a while they both hung up.
  2. Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain is to be cremated. Gas mark 7 for about 40 minutes should do it.
  3. So Anthony Bourdain was cremated... Surely as a chef he would have preferred they stopped when he was medium rare.
  4. If you thought Anthony Bourdain was a good chef when he was alive... ...he's really cookin' now.
  5. It is a shame we never will see where Anthony Bourdain was going with 'Parts Unknown'... He really left us hanging.
  6. Anthony Bourdain I heard he was going to "parts unknown" according to the catholic church.
  7. Why did chef Anthony Bourdain kill himself? Because Asia Argento was eating another guy's pimiento
  8. Bars should be giving out a free drink today in honor of Anthony Bourdain... Call it the hangman
  9. French women were more shocked about Anthony Bourdain's s**... than anyone. They were sure there would never be a well\-hung man in France.
  10. What did Kate s**... say to Anthony Bourdain when he propositioned her for s**...? Not in this lifetime.

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  1. Some food critics eat and run Anthony Bourdain hung around.
  2. What do Anthony Bourdain and myself have in common? We're both dead inside.
    Too soon?
  3. I thought we all knew Anthony Bourdain But I guess some parts were unknown.
  4. I just heard Anthony Bourdain won't make it to heaven. Guess he had No Reservations...
  5. What do you call a chef who can't cook? Anthony Bourdain
  6. Did you hear about Anthony Bourdain's last meal? It was to die for.
  7. Why did Anthony kill himself? Life was too much of a Bourdain.
  8. - "How to Live, According to Anthony Bourdain" Not.
  9. What is Anthony Bourdain's newest recipe? How to make worm food
  10. Anthony Bourdain Didn't know he was such a golden knights fan.
  11. Anthony Bourdain died... Didn't think we'd C-N-N'd to his life so soon

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