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How to deal with an anthill

Next time you have an anthill problem, here is what you do;
Grab yourself a can of black spray paint and cover the entire anthill in it. Then grab a stick or something of the sort and stir the paint in. Once all the ants realize they now live in a black neighborhood, they stop working and start shooting each other.

Short message telegram

In days past, pre- phones and faxes and emails, a group of young ladies went on a picnic.
Unfortunately, the picnic was cut short as one of their group, Anna, sat down on an anthill and was rushed to hospital (Accident and Emergency in the UK).
Her friends needed to inform Anna's parents, but only had enough money to send a six word telegram (in addition to the address).
The telegram read, "Anacin hospital adamant bitter asinine places."

An anteater named Jack was persuading a frog named Webby to eat the ants from the anthill.

What did the Pink Panther say after he sprayed raid on an anthill?

*Dead ant. Dead ant. Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.*

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