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i went to a wedding for two antennae

The ceremony was pretty bad, but the reception was amazing

Did you hear about the two radio antennae who fell in love and decided to get married?

The ceremony was okay, but the reception was excellent.

The starship Enterprise encountered an alien race...

Kirk asks "What is your method of reproduction?"
A pair of aliens, happy to oblige, touched their antennae together, and soon a bud formed on the side of one. It slowly grew into a small replica of the alien, then fell off and started running around the room.
The aliens ask "How do you reproduce?", so Kirk grabs Uhura and proceeds to demonstrate.
"Where's the baby?" the aliens ask. Kirk replies, "Well, with any luck, it'll be along in about nine months or so."
"Nine months!" the alien exclaims. "If it takes nine months, why were you in such a hurry at the end?"

Hear about the two antennae that got married?

The ceremony was awful

But the reception was out of this world.

Credit to my 13yr old for that one

Two antennae had a wedding...

It was alright, but the reception was amazing.

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