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The Best jokes about Anteater

An Anteater walks into a bar....

Bartender says "can I get you a drink"
"How about something to eat?"
"What about some peanuts?"

Frazzled, the bartender says "What's with the long no's"?
Anteater replies "I was born with it".

How come anteaters never get sick?

Because they're always eating little antibodies.

Why are anteaters so healthy?

They are full of anty-bodies.

An anteater walks into a bar

The anteater asks the bartender for a drink and the bartender asks "is Pepsi okay?" The anteater replies "noooooooooooo". So the bartender asks "is orange juice okay? And once again the anteater replies "noooooooooooo". One more time the bartender asks "how about water?" The anteater agrees that water is fine. So the anteater gets his drink and the bartender can't help but ask the anteater one final question.
"So, why the long no's?"

How come anteaters never get sick?

Because they're full of antibodies!

Why don't anteaters ever get sick?

Because they are full of antibodies!

What do you call an anteater?


Why don't anteaters get sick?

Because they have all those antibodies in them, of course!

An anteater named Jack was persuading a frog named Webby to eat the ants from the anthill.

I used to be an Anteater

But then my uncle came home and kicked me out.

What will you find at a cannibal's family reunion?

An anteater

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