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I can't believe no one has managed to come up with a cure for anorexia yet...

I thought it'd be a piece of cake...

About a week ago, my Girlfriend developed anorexia

Ever since then, I've been seeing less and less of her.

I think I discovered a really simple cure for anorexia.

It's a piece of cake.

I just watched a documentary about anorexia.

The research was a little thin.

My doctor told me I suffer from Anorexia...

... like it's not enough that I'm fat.

What do you call a fish with anorexia?

A fishstick.

I had to specify an IT system for the local anorexia clinic.

I recommended a thin client architecture.

Anorexia joke, I had to specify an IT system for the local anorexia clinic.

I beat Anorexia today

People keep coming up with weirder names for their children.

I watched a documentary about the victims of anorexia.

Maybe I would have taken them more seriously if the camera didn't add 10 pounds.

I am not fat

I'm just making a very successful recovery from anorexia.

What's the Difference Between an American Anorexia Patient and a British Anorexia Patient?

One develops an illness, starts losing pounds, and seeks treatment; the other develops an illness, seeks treatment, and starts losing pounds.

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Quick tip: How to deal with problems. Just eat them. You will be satisfied and the problems are gone. Except in case of anorexia,...

...they will just come out of you.

Did you hear the catch phrase of the anorexia awareness group sponsored by snickers?

"You're not you when you're full"

My wife hates it when I make jokes about anorexia.

I guess her skin is also too thin.


For as long as I can remember, I've had an eating disorder: reverse anorexia. It's when I look in the mirror and think I'm really skinny.

Do you think people with anorexia are still making "I haven't eaten since last year" jokes?

Anorexia joke, Do you think people with anorexia are still making "I haven't eaten since last year" jokes?

My GF is in the hospital for anorexia. There is a chance she might not recover and she doesnt care because she thinks she looks perfect.

What a waist.

Have you guys seen that new show called Anorexia?

I can't stop binging it.

I think I might be suffering from anorexia. Every time I look in the mirror I just see a fat guy.

What do you say to a family who has just experienced death of a family member due to anorexia?

Sorry for the loss.

What do you call a person with Schizophrenia, kleptomania, bi-polar disorder and anorexia?

Mixed Nuts

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