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I recently began using TOR to browse anonymously on my phone

Sent from

A Chinese Family had 4 Children Anonymously

They always had to hide the 4chans

Why did the hipster burn the roof of his mouth?

He ate his pizza before it was cool.

(Written anonymously in the bathroom at work, a pizza joint.)

Merry Christmas everyone! Does anyone know how to take care of birds?

I just received a bird in a tree anonymously, if anyone could help me, thanks!

Does anyone know how to take care of birds again?

Someone anonymously gifted more birds.

2 turtle doves, I believe.

And now 2 partridges with 2 trees that grow pears.

Advice is much appreciated.

Help! I have lots of birds that were donated anonymously!

4 calling birds

6 hens

6 doves

And 6 partridges in trees!

If anyone knows a birdtaker, let me know!

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