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So, Anonymous has declared war on ISIS

... ironic that 72 virgins are now attacking the terrorists

"Hello, is this anonymous NSA hotline?"

"Yes, David, how can we help you?"

What do you call a support group for compulsive talkers?

On and on anon.

"Hello, is this the anonymous FBI tip line?"

"Yes, Dave."

Did you hear about the support group for people who talk too much?

It's On & On Anon.

I hear there's a support group for overly talkative people...

It's called And On And On And On Anon

I've been getting anonymous texts from someone telling me to shower, comb my hair & brush my teeth.

I think they may be trying to groom me.

There should be a 12 step program for people who talk too much...

On-and-on anon

My wife said I talked to much...

So I joined a support group, On-And-On Anon

Support Group for People Who Talk Too Much

It's called On and On Anon.

We need a 12-step group for compulsive talkers.

It would be called On Anon Anon.

Hello and welcome to Hypocrite's Anonymous.

What's your name?

What does anonymity smell like?

Nobody nose

Grandpa, why did you have so many kids?

"Hey anon, do you want to know why your grandmother and I had so many children?"
"Why's that, Grandpa?"
"No TV."

I've started a group for compulsive talkers

It's call On and On Anon.

Anonymous philanthropist donates..

..59 human kidneys to local hospital!

At Dad's Anonymous

Me: I'm u/IntrepidIlliad and I'm having problems with my dad joke addiction

Everyone: Hi, having problems with my dad joke addiction

Anonymous doesn't hack Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can't use a computer.

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