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The state of Florida is a navigational anomaly...

The further north you go the more southern it gets.

A boy was born without t**...

Doctor asked the father: is there any member in the family who had the same anomaly.
Father replied without missing a beat: yeah, his mother.

Why was the anomaly so poor?

Because it didn't make any cents!

I went to the doctor for a prostate exam

While i was there he discovered i had a small 3rd testitcle.
He said it was a statesticle anomaly.
Ill see myself out.

What do you call an unidentifiable eating disorder?

An a-nom-aly

A group of researchers were investigating the behavior of bar visitors

They noticed that from opening until closing, 127 people entered the bar and 128 exited. Different scientists tried to explain this anomaly.
The biologist said, "they evidently must have biologically reproduced, resulting in the extra specimen."
The physicist said, "clearly, there's an imperfection in our measurements. We must try again more accurate procedures."
The mathematician said, "if one more person walks in, the bar will be empty."

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