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Several hundred years ago...

Several hundred years ago, two rival villages would meet annually to compete in a religious ceremony. Both villages would send forth their strongest, fastest male to compete against the other - which involved climbing up a cliff to claim a cross-shaped stone. Legend had it that the cross, a symbol of luck and fertility, would bring good fortune on whichever village owned it.

The day came, and each village met at the cliff.

"Our representative, Tom Smith, is young and fit, and will surely bring us the symbol." claimed the first mayor.

"No, our fighter, Tom Jameson, is faster and stronger! The symbol is ours!"

The race began. Both men scrambled up the cliff side at an equal pace, eventually reaching the top at the same time. Both grabbed the cross simultaneously, each trying to wrestle it from the other.

"The symbol is ours!" cried Tom Smith.

"No! The symbol belongs to our village!" shouted Tom Jameson.

Both edged closer and closer to the cliff face, and in one violent motion, both Tom's and the symbol fell over the edge, smashing into the rocks below.


Found a news article saying that millions of people die annually from doing yoga.

I think that's a stretch.

TIL: Studies have shown that people who annually experiance more birthdays tend to live longer.

'The more you know'

How often do fart competitions happen?


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