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  1. I purchased some noise canceling headphones... I thought people would find them annoying but so far I haven't heard any complaints.
  2. I've come to learn that every groupchat has a separate, smaller groupchat, just without the annoying people. If you think yours doesn't, then i have some bad news.
  3. People keep telling me that they are annoyed by all my Linkin Park references... but in the end, it doesn't even matter...
  4. The people at my school are very PC and its so annoying I can't go five minutes without someone asking me if I'd like to update windows
  5. People keep saying drugs are dangerous, I abused lots of drugs and I'm fine. It's only the people watching me through power sockets that are annoying.
  6. All those people who think they know everything are such an annoyance.. those of us who actually do.
  7. I get annoyed when people say that us programmers have a superiority complex. It's not a complex, you idiots
  8. Some random guy on the street turned me into a bottle of tequila which rather annoyed me. I hate when people Patrónize me
  9. That's preponderance. It's so annoying when people use big words, but not in the right context. They're just trying to be ambidextrous.
  10. I saw an article that said annoying people have a great sense of humor. I found that really funny because- oh.

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Annoying People One Liners

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  1. Why do inquisitive peppers annoy people? Because they get jalapeño business.
  2. I hear people from Illinois get mad when you pronounce the S, It really ill-annoys them
  3. I took a poll recently and 100% of people were annoyed with their tent falling down.
  4. I'm annoyed by people with no feet Guess I'm lack toes intolerant
  5. An annoying thing on reddit It annoys me when people don't proliferate on reddit.
  6. Why are people so annoyed with lazy people? They're not even doing anything!
  7. People that go off on a tangent are so annoying Just learn to stay in the circle.
  8. I hate people who don't know which Your to use Their so annoying
  9. People Say It's Annoying When I Talk To Myself... Stop being so hard on yourself.
  10. People who annoy you.. N _ _ _ _rs
  11. Why are people from Napa Valley annoying? They wine about everything
  12. Why are people from Napa valley annoying? They wine too much
  13. How do you annoy people with 0CD?
  14. People say vegans arw annoying They're right
  15. People say vegans are annoying But I've never had any beef with them.

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Standing in line at a restaurant, I noticed that the few available tables left had not been cleaned off.
I mentioned this to the cashier, who told the manager.
A minute later, an annoyed-looking teen emerged from the back with a spray bottle and paper towels in hand.
"All right," she bellowed clear across the crowded dining room, "which one of you people wanted a clean table?"

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.


Bubba was walking home late at night and sees a woman in the shadows.
"Twenty dollars", she whispers.
Bubba had never been with a h**... before, but decides what the heck, it's only twenty bucks, so they hide in the bushes.
They're in there for only a minute when all of a sudden a light flashes on them. It's a police officer. "What's going on here, people?", asks the officer.
"I'm making love to my wife!", Bubba answers sounding annoyed.
"Oh, I'm sorry", says the cop, "I didn't know."
Bubba says, "Well, neither did I, till ya shined that light in her face."

My wife is one of those annoying people that ruins films by asking questions.

Last night we were watching Schindler's List and she stupidly asked, "Why are you w**...?".

There's this lady who works in a bank...

... her name is Patricia Wack, but all her friends and colleagues call her Pattie. She's very good at her job. One of those people who pays painful and pedantic attention to detail, does everything by the book, and is generally a bit annoying, but does a great job as a bank teller.
One day, while she's going about her daily tasks, a frog hops up onto her counter.
"I want a loan," says the frog.
"Have you filled out the application?" asks Patricia.
"No," replies the frog. "I don't need to bother with all that b**.... Just go and get your manager. I've dealt with him before, and he'll give me the loan."
"Hang on," says Patricia, "I don't see any paperwork or ID, and I don't know the first thing about you. I don't know if you're having me on, or trying to defraud the bank. What's your name?"
"Kermit Jagger," says the frog.
"Now you're really having me on," says Patricia. "Get out of this bank before I call the police."
"No, seriously, go talk to your manager," says the frog. He digs around in his pocket and pulls out a Mr Bean Bobblehead. "Take this and give it to him. He'll know what it is."
Patricia reluctantly takes the toy, and walks upstairs to her manager's office. She knocks on the door, and he waves her in.
"What is it, Pattie?" He asks.
"Well, sir, there's a frog downstairs wanting a loan, but has none of the necessary documents or ID. He says he knows you, and to give you this." With that she places the bobblehead on the manager's desk.
The manager looks at it for a little while, smiles and says, "No worries, Pattie. You can go ahead and approve him up to $20,000."
"But sir!!! He has no ID or credit history with him! He didn't bring any paperwork, and won't do this by the book at all! What's going on, anyway? And what is that... toy that he made me bring to you, anyway?? What's that got to do with it?"
The manager sighs, leans forward, and says, "It's a nick-nack, Pattie Wack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

An old woman walks to the bank with two big bags...

An old woman walks to the bank with two big bags, and one of them has a hole with lots of money being dropped. A policeman notices it and lets her know. Then, he asks:
"May I ask how you have that insanely big amount of money?"
"Of course! It's a nice story!"
The lady tells him her the story:
"A few years ago, a football stadium was built next to my house. This is very annoying because when there's a match, lots of people are shouting at the streets, and also, when the match finishes, some of them come to pee at my garden! That's why I started to do something: when there's a match, I hide in a bush, waiting for someone to come and pee. When they are ready, I show up with my big secaturs and I tell them: if you want to keep you manly parts, you'll have to give me all the money you have!"
The policeman then asks:
"Oh, ok, and... what do you have in the other bag?"
The old lady, with a big smile, says:
"Well, not everyone had enough money!"

A lion walks into a bar...

...and sits down for a drink. He is followed in by an obnoxious woman who begins causing a scene in the bar. She begins knocking people's drinks out of their hands, cussing at people, and starting fights. The lion sees this and is annoyed, and in a few bites he eats the woman. Everyone cheers and the lion continues to drink at the bar.
He tells the bartender, "man, I sure do feel tired now...I have no idea what could be causing this! I'm exhausted and have barely had anything to drink..." The bartender promptly replies, "well, it must have been that barbiturate!"

Don't you hate it when people keep talking about their kids

Ugh, the rest of us are not interested in your little brat. It's the worst when people want to show you pictures of their kids. So annoying!
Just this morning there was a woman going around with a picture and telling everyone "here's my kid, this is my little boy".
I'm like, listen lady give it up already. He's been missing for six months. You're *not* going to find him.

As a New-Zealander it always annoys me when people think we all have s**... with Sheep.

Silly people should know by now, it's also goats, horses, cows, basically anything with a hole...

I overheard a guy complaining angrily about the NSA tracking him

Some people are so annoying when they have a chip on their shoulder.

Me and my friends loudly quote Zootopia to the point that it annoys people.

Don't expect us to apologize for it.

Why did the midget get kicked off a n**... beach?

People got seriously annoyed with him sticking his nose into everybody's business.

So many people asked me to take a seat it's annoying.

Finally, I can't stand it anymore.

It's annoying being a plastic surgeon...

People keep sticking their noses into my business

If someone does something to annoy you, DONT just be passive aggressive about.

Unlike SOME people I know.

I never understood why people liked the Annoying Orange

But they really must have liked it, because it's a president now.

I love eating during s**...

..I don't care if it annoys the people in the restaurant.

Some people might be annoyed with these internet trends...

But I think it just adds to our culture. I'm glad I got to witness the kale-end of one and the bespinning of another!

Someone accused me of being middle class the other day and now I'm annoyed.

I put a lot of work into trying to convince people that I have no class.

Why is it best to annoy people on an elevator?

It's easier to get a rise out of them.

Perhaps we should start throwing small potatoes at FCC Chairman Pai to express our displeasure and to annoy him.

It would make him Ajit-tatered.
(disclaimer, do not throw potatoes at people, duh)

It's so annoying when people make multiple accounts to agree with themselves.

It's even more funny when they forget to switch accounts and they get caught.

You knows what's obviously annoying?

People who misuse obviously.

It really annoys me when people say that h**... did nothing wrong.

I mean, he lost the war

Currency trading

I used to trade currency. this asian guy came in and wanted to exchange 10,000yen - I gave him $120.
a week later he came in with another 10,000yen - I gave him $105.
a week after that he came in with another 10,000yen - I gave him $135.
the guy said to me in an annoyed voice " why one week $120, then $105, then $135! - why the difference?!!?"
I says to him "fluctuations"
He responds "fluck you white people"

My wife kept telling me, "You could use some real friends, Tom. People you could count on."

"I didn't ask for your advice, Linda!" I shouted.
It got so annoying I had to unimagine her.

People should have expected third-wave feminism a few years ago.

Afterall it is common female nature to be annoying for no reason.

The new Fox News Fox Nation streaming service is for people who...

Want to Binge Racism.. Having to watch commercials in between racist segments is just so annoying.

Why complain?

People out there complaining laundry is annoying, washing dishes is tedious, vacuum cleaning is boring, and punching bags are expensive,
Like just get a wife smh

I invented a new ap, it listens to people talking and if it hears an obscenity it makes a loud tone so no one can hear it.

Everyone who beta tested it said it's " fu [BEEP]in annoying. "

A yoga instructor ends every class with a mediation, allowing people lay down and relax before slowly filing out for the night. A half hour passes and the instructor is surprised to see one man remain in her studio.

Annoyed, she walks over to him and asks if he plans on leaving anytime soon .
The man takes a deep, meditative breath and calmly replies, Nah, Imma stay .

Logical fallacies are annoying.

Therefore, people that don't know about them are annoying.

A drunk stumbled to a church to ask a priest a question. He drunkenly asked "Father, what causes arthritis?"

The priest, annoyed by the drunk, angrily replies:
"Arthritis? That's caused by drinking! Drinking too much!" The priest declared.
"Oh really father?" The drunk slurred.
However, the father wanted to really teach this man a lesson, and he said:
"Having un-wed s**... also causes arthritis! And smoking! And gambling! All of it!" The priest shouted.
"Oh really father?" The drunk mumbled. "Because I read in the news that people in the clergy suffer from arthritis."

I get very annoyed when people mix up there, their, and they're.

From now on I'm going two point it out weather they like it or not

Who on earth is Noah Fence..?

And why do people keep mentioning him whenever they annoy me?

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