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Our neighbors got really annoyed at me after I played catch with their son yesterday.

But in fairness, I couldn't find a ball, and the kid actually seemed to enjoy getting tossed back and forth. So I don't know what the big deal is.

Why did the accordionist cross the road? To annoy the neighbors on the other side.

A couple moves into an apartment and decides to paper the living room.

They ask their neighbor, who has the same size living room, if he had ever papered his room and how many rolls he bought. The neighbor answers "Eleven".
So the couple buys 11 rolls of expensive wall paper and gets to work. To their surprise, after 8 rolls the living room is finished. Annoyed, they confront their neighbor about the 3 wasted rolls.
He replies "Huh. That happened to you too?"

Whenever I'm constipated, I go hang out with my neighbor

Because, I swear, that guy annoys the s**... out of me.

Where's the annoying neighbor you told me about? I don't see him anymore.

"Hes in the garden"
"Really? "
"Yeah, but you have to dig a bit."

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