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wife: "is this really your idea of an anniversary present?"

me: \[on the other walkie talkie\] "you didn't say over, over"

I had no idea what to get my parents for their anniversary so I bought them a soup cook book. My dad was pretty mad since they don't like cooking and

My mom has been stewing ever since.

There was a couple wanted to go out for dinner for their anniversary but they didn’t make it with the babysitter so they had nowhere to leave their little boy!
After a lot of talk father came up with an idea!
"We will put a vinyl at the pickup deck, something with kid-stories so our little boy will sleep at once and everything will be fine!"
"Ok," said the wife.
So,that is what they did and went out sure for their plan.
After about 2 hours, they arrived back home and listen noise and the boy screaming:
"I waaaant,i waaaant,i waaaaant…"
They run up to boy’s room and saw the little boy hitting the wall and screaming the same words:
"I waaaant!"
They wonder about what happened and then they listened to the pickup:
"Do you want to listen my story? Do you want to listen my story? Do you want to listen my story?"

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