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Why do prostitutes love wearing underwear

Because it keeps their ankles warm

Sometimes when I'm alone in my room

I squat down, grab hold of my ankles and lean forward. Coz that's how I roll.

Girls on GoneWild

Q: Why do girls on gonewild wear p**...?

A: So that their ankles would keep warm

Limericks eh ?

There was this girl from Boston, Mass.
She wade into the sea and wet her ankles,
it doesn't rhyme now,
but just wait until the tide comes in

jokes about ankles

Why do blondes were p**...?

To keep their ankles warm.

Whats the last thing that went through Sally's mind after jumping from a skyscraper?

Her ankles.

Why did the sorority girl wear underwear?

To keep her ankles warm.

Ankles joke, Why did the sorority girl wear underwear?

Why do blondes prefer cotton underwear when its cold

To keep their ankles warm

My mother walked in my room right as I was about to start m**....

My pants were around my ankles and I was scared to death. I almost had a s**...!

What do you call a man with no ankles


Guys how can you tell if a girl is attracted to you?

She touches her ears with her ankles

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An Irish Prayer

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.

You can tell if a girl likes you by her ankles


Where's the best place to pick up a girl who plays hard-to-get?

Around the ankles and wrists :D

You can tell a lot about a woman from her ankles.

If they are on your shoulders, she probably likes you.

Tom Swift's best moments.

"German sausage jokes are the wurst," Tom said frankly.

"I got cut in half," Tom said intuitively.

"I will never read Shakespeare," Tom said unwillingly.

"I lost my legs right under the ankles," Tom said defeatedly.

"Who turned out the lights?" Tom asked dimly.

"I don't know the words to this song," Tom said humbly.

"I lost my wrists," Tom said offhandedly.

Ankles joke, Tom Swift's best moments.

What does a blonde put behind her ears to look attractive?

Her ankles.

What's below the Pyrenees?

A pair of ankles

How does a man who has just had his legs cut off at the ankles feel?


You can tell if a girl likes you easily by her ankles.

If they're by your ears, she likes you.

Why does Bill Clinton wear boxers?

To keep his ankles warm.

Why do blondes wear pants?

To keep their ankles warm

My girlfriend accidentally discovered a way to get long lashes instantly

By showing a bit of ankles in Saudi Arabia

What are two things in the air that can get a woman pregnant?

Her ankles.

Time change

I was sitting on the edge of my chair last night with a can of black paint and my pants and u**... around my ankles. My wife walked into the room and screamed, "NO! You fool, I said to be sure you turn your clock back."

I was just on Trip Advisor and it was a complete waste of time!

There's absolutely *no* information about twisted ankles or skinned knees!

Ankles joke, I was just on Trip Advisor and it was a complete waste of time!

Sometimes I like to grab my ankles and lean forward

But that's just how I roll.

Why do w**... wear underwear?

To keep their ankles warm

Sometimes for fun, I like to put on a blonde wig with red lipstick and chase my friends with my pants around my ankles.

I usually stop before it gets weird though.

Why does Bill Clinton wear underpants?

- To keep his ankles warm of course!

How long, Tim?

Tim turns around in the locker room, pants around his ankles, "How long what?"

"Have you been wearing women's underwear?"

"Ever since my wife found a pair in the glove box."

Two knights were fighting and one landed a cutting blow to the ankles.

The opposing knight was defeeted.

What do you call it when someone breaks an Asians ankles In basketball?

Tokyo drift

How can you tell if someone's wearing pantyhose?

Their ankles swell when they f**....

One of my biggest fears is to have my ankles cut

It just sounds like it'd hurt no matter how you slice it

I crossed up on a kid so hard that he fell out of his wheelchair

I was about to say I broke his ankles but then I remembered he didn't have any

Why did Laura Bush wear shoes as first lady but Melania wears boots?

During the Bush administration the b**... only came up to your ankles.

You can tell a woman likes you by the position of her ankles

..if her ankles are behind her ears, then she really likes you!

You can tell a lot about a girl just from looking at her ankles

For example, if they're behind her head, she likes you.

Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear?

To keep his ankles warm.

I was confident I could win the duel until my opponent swung his sword at my ankles.

Alas, I was de-feeted.

A blonde, redhead, and brunette are all on the run from the cops...

They find an abandoned potato factory and each hide in a huge brown sack. The cops arrive and kick the first sack. The redhead yells, "Woof! Woof"! to imitate a dog. The captain says, "Leave it be! We don't need some dog out here biting our ankles". A cop kicks the second sack, and the brunette says, "Meow!" The captain says, "Leave it be! I don't want some cat out here scratching our faces". A cop kicks the last sack, and the blonde says, "Potatoes!"

I'm going to name my ankles "Swishers"

Because those joints are always getting rolled.

*I struggled a lot with the wording, I'd be happy to take suggestions on how to make it hit better*

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