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I dont believe in hitting my children as punishment

So i send them to school wearing crocs and anime shirts and let other kids beat them instead

How many Anime characters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Only 1, but it takes them 15 episodes to do it.

What do you call an internet page dedicated to anime?

A weebsite.

Anime joke

What do you call a french ghost that likes anime?

A oui-a-boo.

What do you get if you send an anime fan to one of Saturn's moons?

Otaku on Titan

I spent this past weekend baby-proofing my house...

I'm not having a baby, but I hung up a bunch of anime posters to make sure that I never do.

What do you call a drunk anime fan in the desert?

A tumbleweeb.

Anime joke

What do you call a crying anime fan...

a weeaboo-hoo

What is Trump's favourite anime?


Born Too Late To Explore The Earth,

Born too early to explore the galaxy,

Born at just the right time to have sex with virtual reality anime chicks.

What does an anime firetruck sound like?

owo owo owo owo owo owo owo

Q: What has more ships than the navy?

A: Anime fanbases

Did you hear about what happened when the anime studio tried to make a sex-ed video?

Kids kept getting confused about why the octopus was showing up.

I think my anime jigsaw puzzle was too simple. It was...

...One Piece

I finally convinced mom to watch anime to prove it's not childish and immature at all.

But it's weird to watch hentai with your parents.

What do ISIS and anime fans have in common?

They both get hot and bothered over cartoons.

Anime joke

What do you call a Mexican person who likes anime?

An otaco.

What do you call a drug addict who likes anime?


What do you call someone who only watches Horror Anime?

A Ouijaboo.

I made some toast to eat while watching my favorite anime

But when I sat down I realized there wasn't even-jelly-on

TIFU by watching Anime on a non-English website

Whoops, wrong dub

My School's Anime Club Started A Band To Play Reggae

Weeby jammin'.

What do you call an anime fan blowing in the wind?

A tumble weeb

What do you call the ghost of an anime fan?

A weeaboo

If an anime was based around the Ottoman Empire...

It would be a literal Harem anime.

What do you call an anime girl's dad?

A Loli Pop

What flavor does anime absolutely hate?

Anything vanilla, apparently

What would we call a war on one of saterns moons.....


My favorite anime character

liam ni-san

I have a question for you anime fans.

Is fansub the opposite of fandom?

What is a suicidal Weebs favorite anime?


Mumble rappers and Japanese Anime are the same

both require subtitles.

Wrote a rap song about anime

Smoke Weeb Everyday

I like cutting up broccoli because...

It makes me feel like a giant, wielding a tiny anime sword, cutting down tiny trees..

What did the anime girl say to her crush?

Notice me 0.05480366515

Why could the programmer only pop one anime from the stack?

Getting more WIFO will destroy your LIFO.

Many people consider scaramanga to be the best James Bond villain of all time.

I've always preferred scara anime.

Fun fact about bleach

Bleach is the only Anime that you can drink.

I only watch anime dubs.

Cause I don't take no L's

What is the anime watcher's favorite number

10 pi

Did you hear about the ghost who liked anime? What a Wea-


Why do anime fans hate electronica?

The can't stand DUBstep

What's an anime character's favorite type of candy?

A NEKO waffer

So i was watching an anime last night and all the captions were in spanish

oops wrong sub

What's an anime with adultery?

Cory in the Spouse

Who would most likely call anime Chinese cartoon?

A Chinese

What's an anime character's favorite beverage?


What do you call a french anime fan?

A ouiaboo

What do you call someone who watches anime?

Well I would say dweeb but they probably already took the D, so weeb is fine

Someone in Japan had a crazy idea for an new anime character....

A jamaican proctologist, "The Pokemon"

Would you guys mind if I made anime jokes?

Good, cause I'm not stopping my danganron-puns anytime soon!

Why is Ash Ketchum the gayest character in anime?

Every episode, he falls for a trap.

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