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  1. How many Anime characters does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only 1, but it takes them 15 episodes to do it.
  2. What do Warner Bros. do with their discontinued animated characters? They put them in the looney bin
  3. Someone in Japan had a crazy idea for an new anime character.... A jamaican proctologist, "The Pokemon"
  4. What does an anime character call his upperclassman named Zero? Sinpi
    ^^i'm ^^sorry^plsdontkillme
  5. Marge Simpson was one of TV's first LGBTQ+ characters She was animation's first Homer-s**...
  6. Playing Trivial Pursuit with Grandma: Name an animated character dedicated to cleaning up the planet, who loves Eva?
    Nana: h**....

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Anime Characters One Liners

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  1. What did the anime character say to the wookiee when it ate too fast? Chew, baka!
  2. What kind of phone does an animal crossing character have A nookia
  3. My favorite anime character liam ni-san
  4. What's an anime character's favorite type of candy? A NEKO waffer
  5. Why is Ash Ketchum the gayest character in anime? Every episode, he falls for a trap.
  6. What's an anime character's favorite beverage? Senpaillegrino
  7. What do you call a master at guessing Anime characters? Guesu
  8. What do anime characters put on their sandwiches? Japonaisse
  9. How many tickles does it take to pleasure an anime character? Ten.

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