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A lot of people believe Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen in the basement of CalArts.

# I personally love this conspiracy theory because it's a wonderful example of suspended animation.

Credit to the greatest animation professor of all time, Mr. Theo Artz of Drexel University.

What did the picture on the computer say right before it was put through animation?

Be back in a .gif

What do you call Canadian animation?

Anim, eh?

A man was in a terrible accident, and his wife asked for his prognosis

Well, Mrs. Smith, your husband went into a short period of suspended animation.

Oh my God! He went into a Coma?

No, it was for only a few seconds. I'd call it more of a comma.

Mickey Mouse hangs himself...

He doesn't die though, it's just a case of suspended animation.

Was playing with a new animation software but forgot to add any dialogue.

It rendered me speechless.

Storing prisoners in suspended animation by volume!?

No! You have to weigh the frozen cons.

Donald Duck has been hanged...

...And is now in a state of suspended animation.

What do you get when you combine the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Forrest Gump and a Pixar animation?

Runtatooie, run!

My favourite show

Mitty and Donald trumps all other cartoon shows and proves yet again that anything is possible in animation and politics.

My friend always wanted to work in animation, but never got past the interview

He just couldn't understand the difference between a professional "colorist" and a professional "racist"

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a man walks in to an Animation Studio...

and goes to speak to the receptionist. Asking to see the head illustrator, the receptionist points to a swing in the middle of the room, where a man sits. "That is the head of the department, but good luck talking to him", she says. "He's in suspended animation".

[animation] DotA Leavers Trilogy: Enhanced Edition

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