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What are some Animated jokes?

What's it called when you commission someone to make an animated image for your girlfriend but he pockets the money and disappears?

A gf gif gift grift

What do 1000 animated zombies eat?


I noticed that youtube video thumbnails now play an animated gif when you hover over them.

When i noticed this, i was laying in bed with my conservative, traditional girlfriend, but without thinking, i say out-loud, "Oh, youtube finally caught up to pornhub with that awesome feature."

My girlfriend: What?
Me: What?

So I see your name is tiff

I should hook you up with my friend gif, he's just like you only a little more animated

Two Mexicans were walking in the desert...

Two Mexicans, Juan and José were walking in the desert on a very hot day. It was a long journey and they were both dehydrated.

Suddenly José became quite animated and shouted: 'Juan, Juan look! On the hill over there, it is a bacon tree!'

Sceptically Juan had a look, and said: 'José, you are dehydrated, there is no such thing as a bacon tree.'

José was convinced however so went running up the hill so that he could prove it. A few minutes later Juan heard gunshots so he ran up the hill to make sure José was ok. When he got to the top he saw José lying on the floor with a gun wound in his chest. Juan shouted: 'José what happened?'

With glazed eyes José looked at Juan and whispered: 'It was not a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.'

Have you heard about Ted? The guy with a talent for animated internet pictures?

He's gifted

Disney just announced plans for an animated adaptation of Dante's Inferno

They're calling it, "101 Damnations."

Hey! What's up?

A heartwarming animated film about a boy, an old man, and his dog who all fly away to an exotic place in a balloon house.

You could ask Rick Astley for any movie in his animated collection, but...

He's never gonna give you Up.

I woke up feeling so animated this morning.

Probably because the curtains were drawn.

No, you may not have my 2009 Pixar animated film.

I'm never gonna give you Up.

It's a shame "Fantastic Mr. Fox" didn't win the Academy Award for best animated feature.

There were too many *Up* votes.

Using the latest animated film to potty train my son...

How to drain your dragon.

What do Warner Bros. do with their discontinued animated characters?

They put them in the looney bin

Duck Sausage

Would you call Cajun sausage made from animated young ducks Huey Louie Andouille?

I made an animated graphic of the inside of an egg.


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