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What's it called when you commission someone to make an animated image for your girlfriend but he pockets the money and disappears?

A gf gif gift grift

The animator had a birthday party.

Everyone brought gifs.

I successfully quit my job as an animator without making a scene, so I had a party to celebrate...

and everybody brought gifs.

"So I matched with this cute guy on Tinder last night, and we started chatting and sending each other memes and little animations. But then he mentioned that he was an exchange student from Athens, so I ghosted him." "Why?"

"My daddy always told me, 'Beware the Greeks bearing gifs.'"

What did the picture on the computer say right before it was put through animation?

Be back in a .gif

I noticed that youtube video thumbnails now play an animated gif when you hover over them.

When i noticed this, i was laying in bed with my conservative, traditional girlfriend, but without thinking, i say out-loud, "Oh, youtube finally caught up to pornhub with that awesome feature."
My girlfriend: What?
Me: What?

So I see your name is tiff

I should hook you up with my friend gif, he's just like you only a little more animated

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