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  1. Apparently animals make different sounds according to different languages. For example, in Korea a dog makes a sizzling noise
  2. I think Noah might be the craziest of Biblical figures; hearing God, building an ark, gathering animals The whole thing sounds delugional.
  3. What's the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot? One is an Australian animal and the other is the sound of a Scotsman stuck in the bathroom, shouting...
  4. How does a cow go p**...? He has a bowel mooooovement.
    (My daughters favorite animal is a cow so most of my jokes involve them or their sounds!)

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Animal Sound One Liners

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  1. What does an anime firetruck sound like? owo owo owo owo owo owo owo
  2. What do the beach boys and animal shelters have in common? Pet sounds
  3. I love waking up to the sound of birds arguing with their spouses.
  4. I really like animal puns. I know it sounds weird, but just bear with me.
  5. China banning animal farm sounds ironic
  6. Which animal dies every time it makes a sound? A Frog.
    It Croaks.
  7. Turtle to turtle: "Don't ya just love the sound of rain on your roof?"
  8. What's a moo hoo for the sound you hear when a cow spits?
    A cud thud.
  9. What sound do you hear when you drop a bomb on a cow?

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A zookeeper wishes to buy some new animals from another wildlife park.

She writes:
Dear sir, We are a recently opened zoo and are looking to purchase 2 mooses. "No that doesn't sound right." She thinks.
We are looking to purchase 2 meese. "No that can't be right either."
Dear sir, I wish to inquire about purchasing a moose. Kind Regards.
P.S. Please send another moose along with the first.

A homicidal r**... is holding hands with a little girl.

They are walking through a dense and eerie forest at night. Sounds of owls, wolves and other animals echos around. "This place is really scary sir" says the girl. The man looks around. The sound of wolves send chills down he's spine. He looks at the girl and says: "Yeah. Imagine me that I have to return by myself".

Horrible animal jokes inside.

How do you get a dog to sound like a cat? Stick it in the freezer for a few hours, then run it through a bandsaw and it goes "MRRREEOOW".
BONUS JOKE: How do you get a cat to sound like a dog? Pour gasoline on it and light it up and it goes "WHOOF".