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A donkey had an IQ of 186.

He had no friends at all though. Because even in the animal kingdom, nobody likes a smart-ass.

Why do elephants have 4 feet?

Because in the animal kingdom 6 inches just wont do

So a lion and a cheetah set out for a foot race...

So a lion and a cheetah set out for a foot race to see who's the fastest in the animal kingdom. The cheetah wins. The lion say "Hey, you a cheetah!" The cheetah says "Nah, you lion."

Dolphins are the Ted Bundy of the animal kingdom

Raping murdering psychopaths, but white women love them.

When the animal kingdom had a poker party who didn't they invite?

The Cheetahs!

What is something that elephants are known to do that no other animal in the animal kingdom has been observed doing?

Make baby elephants.

What's the difference between someone you want to ask to marry you and the rest of the animal kingdom?

Proposalable thumbs!

You know how the British used to exile people to Australia?

Seeing how everything there wants to kill you, I'm pretty sure the animal kingdom did the same

Squirrels are the fuckboys of the animal kingdom

They only care about their nut

What do you call a reptile that likes to start trouble in the animal kingdom?

An instigator

I'll see myself out...

After Scar was kicked out of the animal kingdom, he got a job fixing car horns at an auto mechanic.

Beep repaired

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