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I told my gf the world was flat and she became angry with me

I told her she was my world and she got angrier

Did you hear about the robot that was angrier than half of the other robots?

It was in mean median mode.

My 1st cake day, here's my favourite joke for you all:

Graffiti artist writes on the wall: Person who wrote this is brilliant and person who read this is a idiot.
Dave (you know Dave, everybody knows Dave) who used to walk by this sign everyday got angrier and angrier whenever he read this sign.
So one day Dave got an amazing idea, so that night he went to that wall. He cleared up the graffiti and wrote.
*Person who wrote this is an idiot & Person who read this is brilliant*

My friend was angry when NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from the races

But he got angrier when I pointed out they still wave it on the final lap every race

I wake up happy, slowly get angrier, then eventually start lightening up and by bedtime I've come full circle and am happy one again

I've got pi-polar disorder

If I was Jesus I'm not sure what would make me angrier..

The fact that everyone is making my birthday about them
or that my dad isn't real

Why are nuns always angrier than priests?

Nuns can't have s**...

No matter how angry you get about something...

... you can't any angrier than a midget with a yo-yo.

A dad has 3 daughters and 1 son

They all live in a pretty casual house.
One day, one of his daughters came into his room and said: "Um, hey Dad, I'm lesbian."
Fuming, he sends her to her room angrily.
Then comes his 2nd daughter: "Um, hey Dad, I'm lesbian too"
The father is now angrier than humanly possible, right then, the 3rd daughter came in: "Um, hey Dad, I'm also lesbian..."
With all the might he can, he shouts: "DOES NOBODY IN THIS d**... HOUSE LIKE BOYS?!"
In comes his son: "Um, hey Dad..."

Angrier joke, A dad has 3 daughters and 1 son

Share These Angrier Jokes With Friends

Angrier joke, A dad has 3 daughters and 1 son

Angrier joke, A dad has 3 daughters and 1 son