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The Best jokes about Angler

Why did the anglerfish go to the doctor?

He was feeling lightheaded.

How did Pythagoras win a Fishing Competition?

He was a Good Angler.

What do you call a professional angler?

An afishonado

What do you call a German fisherman?

Angler Merkel

What do you call a fisherman who is good at geometry?

A master angler.

What fo you call a frozen fisherman?

A 32 degree angler!

When I always got frustrated fishing because my hooks kept getting cleaned off, my Dad would always tell me:

To become a master angler, you must first be a master baiter.

I've been an angler for over 40 years in this one lake, but I decided to quit after being issued a fine because of a new law...

...needless to say I was over fishing.

I used to go out with a lady angler.

Until she started to spin me some line.

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