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Why shouldn't you argue with a 90 degree angle?

It's always right.

Why was the 40 degree angle so nice to the 50 degree angle?

Because its very complementary!

How will we truly reach gender equality?

By leaving the toilet seat at a 45 degree angle for the next person to decide without bias.

Geeky trigonometry joke my dad used to tell me

What sound does a horse make while walking?
*Clop, clop.*

What sound does a horse make while walking uphill?
*Clop, clop* multiplied by the cosine of the slope angle.

jokes about angle

How do you project confidence?

How do you project confidence?

Multiply by the cosine of the angle.

Did you hear about that geeky trigonometry expert?

The only angle lacking in his life was secs.

Whats the complement to a 40 degree angle?

My you're looking "acute" today.

Angle joke, Whats the complement to a 40 degree angle?

Where do angles go for fun on the weekends?

To watch movies in the THETA

There was a farmer who had a machine which caculated the angle you sat.

He called it his pro-tractor

Did you hear about angle 57.29

He's rad

What do you call a crushed angle?


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Did you hear Obtuse Angle lost weight?

He looks all right now.

How do you know an angle is dead?

When it shows no vital sines

I hate it when kids spell "angel" as "angle"

They're just trying to be edgy.

I was going to write a joke about the pentagon...

But I gave up when I couldn't find the right angle.

My protractor wanted to know what my plans were for this weekend

Not sure what his angle is

Angle joke, My protractor wanted to know what my plans were for this weekend

Calculated the angle in the triangle to be 45 degrees

I think that's about half right

You guys hear about that mathematics student who was flunking?

He only understood his field to a degree and decided to look at it from a new angle.

Why do math textbooks only ever give you one angle in a triangle?

Just cos.

This bloke at uni today told me he had 90 degrees...

I said 90 degrees how is that even possible? He said you just need to look at uni from the right angle

Hey girl , is the cosine of you positive?

Cos you're acute angle.

Did you hear about the geometry teacher who tried to take a selfie?

It was a protracted process but eventually he found the right angle.

A horse walks into a bar and says, On a right-angled triangle with sides X, Y and Z, if X and Z are perpendicular, which side is opposite the right angle?

The bartender says, Y, the long face.

What's the best angle to approach any challenge?


What happens when an angle gets itself into a car wreck?

The angle becomes a rectangle

Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach?

Because it was over 90Β°.

Angle joke, Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach?

My first girlfriend gave me a picture she drew with the words "you're my angle."

It might have just been because she was dyslexic but I thought it was acute.

Wanna hear a physics pun?

If an aircraft always takes off at an angle, doesn't that make it an inclined plane?

Why was the 89 degree angle not trusted

He's never right

What's the best angle to approach any problem?

The TRYangle.

You know why the 89 degree angle went to school?

He was missing his master's degree.

Why was the Angle freezing?

Because it was less than 32 degrees!

What was served at the mathematicians' banquet?

Angle hair pasta and prime rib.

Why was the right angle so smart?

He had 90 degrees.

Why did the anglerfish go to the doctor?

He was feeling lightheaded.

Girl, are you 90Β°?

Because from this angle, you are not acute.

Girl, are you the secant of angle Z?

Cuz you sure are sec(Z)

Someone asked me what my angle was on agriculture..

I said I'm pro tractor

I'm like a 89Β° angle

I'm almost normal.

What do you get when two different pairs of similar angles get in a car accident?

a wrecked angle

(This took me one 20 minute shower to think out)

What do you call a triangle with four sides and a serious drinking problem?

A wrecked angle.

Hey girl, are you an angle?

Cos I'm sinning to know you.

My angle of depression

is obtuse.

Why did the mathematician take so long to take a selfie?

He couldn't figure out acute angle.

You may have known about Raphael, the Angel of Healing

But did you know of his brother, Graphael, the Angle of Graphing?

Friend just broke all his protractors

He has a real angle management problem

Did you hear how Satan used to be an angle up in heaven?

He was acute until he took a 180.

Taking the side length that's opposite of an angle in a right triangle is very much frowned upon.

It's considered a sin.

My friend and I were having a heated argument about the angle of a triangle

Things got messy and we went off tangent

What do you call a pentagon with one corner broken?

A wrecked angle.

I've been an angler for over 40 years in this one lake, but I decided to quit after being issued a fine because of a new law...

...needless to say I was over fishing.

How many puppies and babies does it take to paint a room?

All depends on the speed and angle of the throw.

What do they make polygons wear on probation?

an angle monitor

How do you bring a female mathematician to climax?

Find the right angle.

There was once a soap opera called "Touched By An Angle"

but most episodes just went off on tangents

Who won the argument between the 20 degree angle and the 90 degree angle

The 90 degree angle because 90 degrees is always right

How did the man hope to measure his hopelessness?

He searched for the the sin of his angle of depression.

Two friends met after a long time. First one said: my wife is an angle.

Second one replied: You are very lucky man. Mine is still alive.

I was out by Starbucks today and saw a woman taking a picture of her food. she was there for 45 minutes trying to get the perfect angle,

Then I realized I just started at a woman from across the room for 45 minutes.

Angle a=5 degree, Angle b= 85 degree

A friend of angle a: angle b is too large!


What's the difference between relaxation and laziness?

The angle of the recliner.

Why was Pythagoras not considered a suspect in murder case?

No knew what his angle was.

My daughter informed me that the earth is tilted at a 23.5 degree angle

I responded, That's not right.

With a scowl, she pulled up google and proved to me that the earth is, in fact, tilted at a 23.5 degree angle.

Precisely, I agreed. If the angle were right it would be 90Β°.

Angle: so what your saying is you want me to put hair on the outside, and milk on the inside?

God: yep

Angel: ...OH! Well if you wanted me to make another mammal then why didn-

God: Nope

Angel: Wait what?

God: were making coconuts.

Saw a right angle resting under a tree this afternoon and thought....

Wow! 90 degrees in the shade!!

This dude and his girlfriend are making out on the sofa

After a while it starts getting a bit more intimate and intense. He asks her should we take this to the bedroom? She's thrilled and agrees. Only problem of they couldn't work out the right angle to get the sofa through the door.

Becky discussing with her friend Karen

Becky: Last week, my uncle was taking pictures of me and asked me to climb up a ladder so he could get a better angle.

Karen: did you do it?.. it was just an excuse to see your panties.

Becky: I know. That's why I took it off before climbing the ladder.

What happened to the pentagon which lost an angle?

It got squared up.

Meteor Meatier joke

God: Hey Angel, did you give the dinosaurs more muscle like I asked? I asked you to make them meatier.

Angel: Make them… a meteor.

A physicist, engineer and a statistician are out hunting...

A physicist, engineer and a statistician are out hunting. Suddenly, a deer appears 50 yards away.

The physicist does some basic ballistic calculations, assuming a vacuum, lifts his rifle to a specific angle, and shoots. The bullet lands 5 yards short.

The engineer adds a fudge factor for air resistance, lifts his rifle slightly higher, and shoots. The bullet lands 5 yards long.

The statistician yells "We got him!"

Yesterday I had an argument with a 90Β° angle.

It turns out it was right

Two photographers are walking down a street.

One of them trips and fall onto the ground.
The second one immediately falls down next to him and says: Excellent angle! What are we shooting?

What knot do you use to hang a man at an angle?

A hypotenoose

My wife's friend had a baby...

She posted a picture on Facebook and my wife commented "Aww, what a little angle." I replied to my wife's comment "Ya, she's pretty acute."
I felt like a tremendous nerd for even thinking of a geometry joke, but ya...

What do you call a triangle that's had too much to drink?

A rekt angle

What do you call a Dent that looks better from a different angle?


\*My first 100% original dad joke. I am proud of me\*

What did the geometry teacher say when the class had trouble solving a problem?

Let's try a different angle

Why did the square fall in love with the triangle?

Because she had acute angle.

An engineer, a physicist and a statiscian go hunting in the woods.

They spot a deer and take turns shooting at it. First goes the physicist. He look at the angle, calculates the speed of the bullet and shoots but his shot goes 50 meters to the right. The engineer says he didn't count for the wind and he also makes his measurement and shots but his shot goes 50 meters to the left. Then the statiscian yells hapilly: We did it!

What's the hardest working angle in geometry?

A triangle

What's the best angle to approach a problem from?

A try-angle

I had an argument with a 90 degree angle...

Turns out it was right.

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