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Did you hear the one about the Angel that spread her legs instead of her wings....

Got an o**... instead of a harp😬

What do you call angels without wings?

How about a friend that **has** wings?
An employee at KFC.

What do you call angels without wings?


Why do angels have wings?

So they don't trip over all the fetuses.

A d**... died and was asked by god what he wanted to become in his next life.
The d**... said "I wish to become good in my next life. I want to be as pure and white as an angel and also have angel wings... But I still want to drink blood."
So god turned him into a m**... pad.

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
On a broomstick.
We're flexible like that.

My baby's like an angel

It's beautiful, heavenly, has wings and oh yeah, IT DOESN'T EXIST.

p**... is a poor Irish farmer...

He spends all day from dawn till dusk working his little farm to provide for his sick wife and 12 daughters.
Every night he kneels by the side of his bed and prays. 'Dear Lord, I'm a good catholic just trying to do right, please oh Lord could I win the lottery?'
For years and years p**... struggles on, ekeing a meagre existence from his tiny farm, attending church every sunday, nursing his sick wife and teaching his 12 daughters how to live moral lives.
And every night still, he kneels by the side of his bed and begs the lord to please let him win the lottery.
One night, he is kneeling and praying like usual, when suddenly the sky bursts into golden light, a glorious chorus of angels sing and winged cherubs strum harps as the lord himself appears to p**....
p**...,' Gods deep voice booms.
With tears streaming down his face and his arms stretched towards the sky, p**... shouts 'YES MY LORD!'

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