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3 guys on a cliff

Three guys go to a cliff to see the view. When they get there a wise old magician sitting there. He then says "since you are the first people theat have found me in 20 years I will let you turn into something of your choice. But first you have to run ang jump off the cliff.
The first guy goes and jumps off and shouts "I WANT TO BE AN EAGLE. He then flys away in his eagle body.
The second guy goes and jumps off and shouts "I WANT TO BE A PARROT" he then flies away.
Finally the last guy goes and right before he jumps he trips off the cliff. He then shouts "OH SHIT"


A boy and his mother are watching TV

There are a lot of guns being fired in the show. So after the show is over the kid has the gun shots in his mind, and keeps repeating "BANG BANG BANG", "BANG BANG BANG"... This continues throughout the day. By the evening the mother is really tired and out of anger tells the boy "Be Silent".

So the boy starts "ANG ANG ANG", "ANG ANG ANG"..


Sometimes I charge my phone to 98% ang unplug it

Because why should I be the only one who didn't have an orgasm?


What happens if you are assaulted by seven raisins?

G ^^(*ang*) r a p e.


Did you know that Ang Lee made Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon five years before he made Brokeback Mountain?

Yeah, working title for the latter film was Crouching Cowboy, Hidden Sausage.


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