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What do you call a black man who dies of heat exhaustion and a white guy that dies of a brain aneurysm?

Different Strokes

Dumb Nirvana Joke

I was gonna tell a Dumb Nirvana joke About a girl I knew named Polly that lived On a Plain. Her favorite drink was Pennyroyal tea with crackers and Mexican Seafood, she had a sliver in her finger and once had an Aneurysm at School but Nevermind that.

87 year old man makes love to a 20 year old girl

Halfway through, he as aneurysm but finishes strong. The girl goes to visit him at the hospital.

Girl: I didn't know you had it in you! I'm impressed!

Man: I've still got some strokes left.

What did the blonde medical student die from?

An aneurysm.

I thought i had a brain aneurysm.

My neurologist told me it was all in my head.

So I asked my Dad, "What was on Grandpa's mind when he had that aneurysm?"

"Probably a tumor."

I had a brain aneurysm recently...

It was a really mindblowing experience.

Did you hear about the gardener that had an aneurysm?

He's currently in a vegetative-state.

A guy with an aneurysm walks into a bar...

He died a week after.

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