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So, apparently Rand Paul was sucker punched...

So Rand Paul, who happens to be an ophthalmologist, apparently got into a fight with his neighbor, an anesthesiologist. Paul claims he was sucker punched, but neither man was badly hurt.

Does make you wonder, though - an ophthalmologist who didn't see it coming and an anesthesiologist who failed to deliver a knockout - seems like both men let their professions down badly...

Two doctors were having sex when suddenly...

Two doctors were having sex when suddenly... the male doctor, in the moment, says to the female doctor,

**"Wow, you must be a Gynecologist, you *really* know how to use that thing..."**

The female doctor responds,

**"Thanks! You must be an anesthesiologist."**

The male doctor replies,

**"Really? What makes you say that?"**

She retorts,

**"Because I can't seem to feel a thing!"**

I hadn't heard this before, and it came from an EMT/Paramedic training my staff for CPR. I got a good chuckle out of it, thought I would share.

A man and a woman meet up for sex

The man, who had really enjoyed himself asks the woman afterwards, "Are you a nurse?" The woman replies "Yes I am. How did you know?" The man answers "because you took care of me so well." The woman then asks him "Are you an anesthesiologist?" He answers proudly, "Yes. How did you know?" The woman replies, "Because I didn't feel a thing."

An anesthesiologist asks his colleague, "Man I borrow some chloroform?"

"Knock yourself out."

First Time

A man is in an operating room for a hernia operation. The anesthesiologist starts counting him down from 10. He gets to 9, and the surgeon turns to the anesthesiologist and says, "Well, wish me luck, this is my first sex change operation!"

Hours later, the man awakes in recovery with a complete panic, but he doesn't remember why. The surgeon comes in and explains it to him.

True story...LOL!

I'm an anesthesiologist.

I get to pass gas for a living.

No Bedside Manner

I'd never had surgery, and I was nervous. This is a very simple, noninvasive procedure, the anesthesiologist reassured me. I felt better, until … Heck, he continued, you have 
a better chance of dying from the 
anesthesia than the surgery itself.

Anesthesiologists are so boring.

They put me to sleep.

What's the difference between Bill Cosby and an anesthesiologist?

At least Bill Cosby gives you cab-fare after he puts you to sleep

Aren't anesthesiologists such boring people?

They put me to sleep. That's for sure.

An anesthesiologist walks into a bar...

and goes to buy a drink. He sits next to a lonely, beautiful blonde and offers to buy her one too. After a couple hours they head back to her place and they have coitus. Next morning during coffee, she asks him: "Hey, are you an anesthesiologist?". He looks at her and says "Yea, why?" She goes: "I knew it! Last night I couldn't feel a thing!"

Anesthesiologist to his patient: Are you insured or paying out of pocket?

Patient: Out of pocket.

Anesthesiologist: Twinkle, twinkle little star...

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