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At the dentist

The wife says, -I have to get a tooth pulled and I have no time for any anesthesia. Just pull the tooth out as quickly as you can so we can get going!
The dentist was really impressed, -You are indeed a brave woman! Which tooth is to be removed?
She turned to her old man, -Show him your tooth, dear!

A lawyer had just undergone surgery

...and as he came out of the anesthesia, he said,
"Why are all the blinds drawn, doctor?"

"There's a big fire across the street and we didn't want you to wake up and think the operation was a failure."

Why did the hipster refuse to undergo surgery?

The anesthesia wasn't local.

Anesthesia joke, Why did the hipster refuse to undergo surgery?

Did you hear about the Buddhist monk who refused anesthesia for his root canal?

He wanted to transcend dental medication.

In Labor

I remember when my wife was in labor and the nurse came in and said How about Epidural Anesthesia? I said That's a great idea but no thanks...We already picked out a name!

Why did the hipster put off their surgery?

The anesthesia wasn't local.


A man was just coming out of anesthesia after a series of tests in the hospital, and his wife was sitting at his bedside.

His eyes fluttered open, and he murmured, "You're beautiful."

Flattered, the wife continued her vigil while he drifted back to sleep.

Later, her husband woke up and said, "You're cute."

Startled, she asked him, "What happened to beautiful?"

"The drugs are wearing off," he replied.

Anesthesia joke, Anesthesia

A doctor performs surgery using local anesthesia

- Relax, Ernest, it's just a few cuts with a scalpel. Don't panic, the doctor says.

- But, doctor, my name is not Ernest.

- I know... just talking to myself.

What do you call a skeleton who just had anesthesia?

A numbskull

Surgeon's joke.

There used to be a rule that in order to get into anesthesia, applicants had to have an IQ greater than their body temp. For a while they couldn't get any new anesthesia trainees because nobody would pass.

Then they decided to switch from farenheit to celsius, and now there's a lot of them.

I went into surgery yesterday

After the anesthesia wore off the nurse said if I didn't pee within 2 days to go to the ER. To help, she recommended sitting in a warm bath and peeing in there. I told her "No problem, I've been doing that since I was 2"

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What's the worst thing you can hear a surgeon say during your surgery under local anesthesia?


Every time I mention to a woman that my favorite name is Anesthesia, it doesn't end well

For her

When performing surgery on a grape, you don't need to use anesthesia.

It'll only let out a little whine.

The anesthesia is kicking in...


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