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The Best jokes about Anemone

What happened when the clown-fish tried to fast travel?

You cannot fast travel when anemone is nearby.

What do you call a friendly immobile sea creature that offers you food and lodging?

An amenable anemone with amenities.

Two fish are in a tank...

...And one fish says "you man the guns, I'l drive!"

(laugh track)

Suddenly, the fish points to the horizon and says "What is that over there?" The other fish then exclaims "That's anemone! I can sea him!"

[OC] Does the Clown Fish have an enemy?

Anemone is its friend.

I wanted to be friends with...

Hoping to become friends, I started talking to a sea anemone. After a couple minutes of talking, I asked him about his family, and he became hostile.

It was a touchy topic.


What did the Masochistic starfish say after he broke up with the sadistic sea anemone?

"With Fronds like these, who needs anemones!"'s like what the mussel said to the clam...

I wouldn't wish that on an anemone!"

Why did the barracuda want to hire the clown fish's anemone?

Because the barracuda believed that "anemone of my enemy is a friend."

I lost all my exotic sea creatures

And I can't buy them back because I don't have anemone.

What do you can an aquatic invertebrate that works for the government?

Anemone of the state.

I thought the sea urchin was my friend

but it was anemone.

What do fish say when they are playing Call Of Duty?

I Sea Anemone.

Im really sorry.

What do you call the greatest sea flower rapper of all time?

An Eminem Anemone

"What's the biggest complaint a sea anemone gets on dates?"

"They're too touchy feely."

"That's gotta sting."

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