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English Football joke.

A policeman stops a suspected drunk driver and asks him to take a
breath test, the driver pulls out a medical card which says 'this man
is asthmatic please do not take his breath.'
So the policeman asks him to take a blood test, the man then
pulls out another card which read 'this man is anemic, please
do not take his blood'. Finally the police, getting p**... off asks
him to take a u**... test, finally the man pulled out his
Manchester United season ticket which read 'this man is a
Manchester United fan, please do not take the p**....
(Edit works with other teams as well.)

Why was Captain America anemic?

He wasn't getting enough iron, man.

Did you hear about the anemic guy that cut all the grass on earth in a square pattern?

He mow globe in cells

What do you call a vegetarian who is anemic?

I don't know, but it isn't very ironic.

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