Anemia Jokes

Sick up your sleeves and prepare for a good chuckle with these rib-tickling anemia jokes! Get ready to laugh at jokes about the nucleus, mitochondria, and the imperialist nature of anemia. From quips about red blood cells to puns about hemoglobins, these anemia jokes are sure to amuse.

Uplifting Anemia Jokes to have Hilarious Fun with Friends

My blood sometimes, for no reason at all, decides to not carry enough oxygen.

I have fickle cell anemia.

What blood disease do communists get?

Hammer and sickle cell anemia.

As schoolgirl skirts get shorter...

...anemia rates grow in Japan.

TIL that excessive consumption of raw egg white can cause brittle hair, rashes, fungal infection, and anemia...

I then imagined the hairless, hideous, and weak beast Gaston should have looked like.

How did the black ice-cream truck driver die?

popsicle cell anemia

Why hasn't science found a cure for anemia yet?

You think they'd have it all ironed out by now.

What disease are black communists more susceptible to?

Hammer and sickle cell anemia

White kids won't get this...

Sickle-cell anemia

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