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Apple iCloud was hacked releasing nude pictures of celebrities all over the internet

Thank god Adele uses android

Tim Cook officially came out of the closet...

at least this is the one time when Android users can't claim that theirs came out first.

What do you get when you teach Android grammar?

A droid

Android joke, What do you get when you teach Android grammar?

A recent survey says women prefer 4-5 inches over 6 inches and bigger, citing a "better fit" being one of the top reasons

While preference between Android and iOS devices are evenly split.

Step 1: Have Android phone - Step 2: Say "Ok Google, what are people from Phoenix called?"

You're welcome

Star trek predicting future technology?

How do we know apple won't be around long?
Because Captain Picard uses an android.

Why do androids go to Africa to party?

Because Botswana have fun.

Android joke, Why do androids go to Africa to party?

Why does ACDC prefer Android to Apple?

She's Got The Jack

What's an Android developer's favourite cereal?

Boot Loops

How do you trigger an Android fanboy?

Sent from my iPhone

Apple is always 4 years behind Android phones...

... so I guess 2020 will be explosive!

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The "Lumos/Nox" trick on Android phones is pretty neat. However...

I'd advise the Galaxy Note 7 crowd to avoid "Avada Kedavra."

Android lets you use "Lumos" for the flashlight, "Silencio" for the notifications...

but not "Incendio". That is a Samsung exclusive.

Why did Snow White buy an android phone?

She thought the apple was poisoned.

Why doesn't Captain Picard have an iPhone

He already has an android, and it came with a data plan.

I asked my very religious mother for the new iPhone...

And she said she'd get me a smartphone, but I had a choice. If I start going to church, I would get the iPhone I wanted. If I didn't go to church, I would get a crappy low end android.

She said it was Yahweh or the Huawei.

Android joke, I asked my very religious mother for the new iPhone...

do androids dream of electric sheep?

Not unless they're Welsh

Why do Australian nymphomaniacs prefer Android?

They really like rooting.

Why does Snow White own an Android?

Because she hates Apples.

What should Tony Stark use to update his android friend, who is worthy enough to pick up Mjolnir?

Vitamin A, because it improves Vision.

What do you call an Android with perfect grammar?

A droid.

My phone started to act weird when I researched buying a new phone.

It became a Paranoid Android.

Why do thieves prefer to steal Android phones over iPhones?

Because they like to Hangout and not FaceTime.

Eve gets an apple

Eve: I got an Apple.

Adam: ...

Eve: ...

Adam: ...

Eve: What?

Adam: I thought we'd decided on Android.

Eve: The serpent said this was better.

What do you call someone who always talks about apple products?

An android user.

A lot of parents don't know that there is another way to entertain children rather than by giving them an iPad.

By giving them an Android tablet!

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Only the Welsh ones.

What's the best screen grabber for Windows 10?

An Android phone.

In light of Mark Zuckerburg offloading as much Facebook stock as he can...

If Zuckerburg was a Radiohead song, what song would he be?

Paranoid Android.

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for iOs and Android

You finally have the #1 browse to download real browsers now for mobile.

Apple is copying Android and using food names for iPhone software updates...

Unveiled just today, the latest update is called \*\*Ketchup\*\*.

Things that didn't exist the last time England were in the semis



































Y'all Ever See Love At First Sight?

but notice they own an android

To all the Android users who just can't seem to gain administrator access to their devices on their own:

We're rooting for you!

What do you call an android in a boat?

Row bot.

Android group chats be like

Laughed at Android group chats be like

iPhone users, don't bother sending the Meteor emoji to your Android friends...

...It won't have the same impact.

Did you know that God uses Android phones?

It's because he made the galaxy and the apple is forbidden.

An android inexplicably shut down in the middle of a bar fight.

She was later arrested and charged with battery.

Android phone can be so annoying

Just received a notification that my bible needs update, for what exactly?
Has Adam eaten another apple.

What famous humanoid robot wrote Phantom of the Opera?

Android Lloyd Webber

Why do all doctors use Android phones?

Because an Apple keeps them away

Last night I dropped my phone on my face...

Well I geuss my android has turned into an eye phone.

Which setting does Captain America search for in his Android Settings?


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