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California hasn't fallen into the sea, so apparently it worked.

Back in the 1970's there was a cult in California who believed that they could save California by appeasing the San Andreas. There were parts of San Andreas that literally gaped open wide, and members of the cult were noted for throwing all their earthly possessions down into the amazingly deep cracks in the Earth's crust. Of course, skeptics accused the cult of being merely generous to a fault.

I watched the movie San Andreas today and I really enjoyed it

Despite its faults.

What did San Andreas said to the Earthquake?

This is all your fault!

Andreas joke, What did San Andreas said to the Earthquake?

Whose fault is it that California always has earthquakes?

San Andreas fault.

I just gave all my life savings to the San Andreas foundation.

You might say I'm generous to a fault.

I Just watched San Andreas yesterday. Completely unbelivable.

I mean. The Central Valley was green.

If Murphy's Law is correct,

then everything east of the San Andreas fault line will slide into the ocean.

Andreas joke, If Murphy's Law is correct,

"San Andreas" starring The Rock is a great movie but it could never be perfect...

Because there is one enormous fault

Citizens of California are trying to split the state into three separate states

before the San Andreas Fault line does

North America blames Pacific for his extreme build up of stress. Pacific replies "It's not my fault"

It's San Andreas fault.

Anyone seen the movie San Andreas?

I heard it had it's faults

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.S.a.n. A.n.d/r.e.a.s F.u.l.l. O.n.l.i..n.e

I got caught throwing gifts into the San Andreas Fault.

But I have always been generous to a fault.

Who Did Governor Jerry Brown Blame for Damage of the Earth Quake?

He said it was San Andreas fault.


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