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  1. Anyone have any Russian and/or Joesph Stalin jokes? I need some jokes for class and they don't have to be funny. Thanks and make sure they are about Russia or Stalin.
  2. I dont enjoy Andor, but it has nothing to do with Star Wars... ...I'm just not a fan of conjunctions
  3. What's the definition of patience? Your mom saying goodbye at family parties and/or finding a friend at the mall
  4. Heisenberg's wife was unhappy... because when he had the time, he didn't have the energy, and when he had the position, he didn't have the momentum.
    Credit to Greg and/or Terry from American Dad.
  5. Woke Disney has gone too far! First it's hehim and sheher, then it's theythem... Now they have an entire TV show called Andor!!!
  6. A joke for those who are not exactly tech savvy. Your computer and/or phone is now infected with a dangerous virus. Comment your personal info to receive instructions on how to remove.
  7. I'm sorry.If its offensive and/or not funny. One black and One white person walk into a bar. Only black guy comes out of the bar running.
  8. Popular scientific opinion about food is like sunshine Cold today, super hot tomorrow, known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects the day after tomorrow.
  9. A friend claims she made this joke and I'm testing if it's authentic and/or funny An Indian went to Brown university to do research.
    He was born to be a Brown fellow.
  10. Does anyone know if ISIS is hiring? I heard they offer new hires a company cell phone and/or car.

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  1. Stop me if you heard this... Cows, sheep, goats, and/or reindeer.
  2. What do you call an ocean full of dogs and(or) cats? The Pawcific
  3. Why did the Ewok ESL student do so well with conjunctions? He felt at home with And/Or.
  4. I'm a radical centrist And anyone who I disagree with is a fascist and/or communist

Andor joke, I'm a radical centrist

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TIL the American flag on the moon is now bleached completely white by the sun so historians and/or other species would never know it was America that first landed on the moon

They'll think it was France

Q: What do you call a trucker wearing a suit and tie?

A: the defendant
Source: I'm a trucker. (reformed)
For the young and/or foreign:
Defendant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
In a criminal trial, a defendant is any person accused (charged) of committing an offence (a crime), an act defined as punishable under criminal law.

A soldier's wife has just returned from her insurance provider and is looking very, very unhappy

"What's the matter?" Her friend asked.
"I went to get my husband covered privately, but the fine print stated: no payouts when the holder dies as a result of an e**... and/or from injuries sustained in an e**...," she replied.
"Oh? So why would that make you unhappy?" Her friend asked.
"Well, it's too late to stop the freaking timer now!"

REQUEST: Jokes about Italians

I vaguely remember a joke about Italians talking with their hands, maybe while driving and/or on cell phones. If anyone remembers a joke like this, I will give them all of my upvote.

Andor joke, I'm sorry.If its offensive and/or not funny.