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  1. Why was Louie Anderson clutching a fork when he died? He heard they have Meat Loaf in heaven.
  2. Gillian Anderson of the x files just lost custody of her 12 year old boy following a long legal battle. She is now Gillian Withouterson.
  3. Why American Names Are Like – Jackson, Wilson, Markson..... Robinson, Kenson, Anderson, Davidson, Jemson, Johnson
    Because This Is The Easy Way For Mom To Remember Who Is Whose Son.
  4. China just debuted it's first totally AI news anchor.. At least now Anderson Cooper isn't the only robot we have to watch.
  5. Michelle Wolf's Best Joke at the Correspondents' Dinner Mike Pence is what happens when Anderson Cooper isn't gay.
  6. In a very touching gesture, Gary Anderson attempted to call up Blair Walsh and offer his sympathy. Unfortunately, they just missed each other.
  7. I love blowing Leafs in this beautiful Fall weather. Leafs Anderson, he is a real stand up guy.
  8. I hate when someone I had s**... with in High School sends me a friend request on Facebook. Request denied, Principle Anderson.
  9. Santa and Banta Santa: Why did people stop printing stamps with photo of Pamela Anderson?
    Banta: Because people started l**... the wrong side of it for pasting them on the envelopes..

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  1. What's Pamela Andersons favorite soda? Hepsi!
  2. What did Coriander name his son? Corey Anderson.
  3. CNN Turkey was forcibly taken of the air I hope Anderson Couper's alright.
  4. What do you call a shooting that happens at MD Anderson? A Mass Shooting.
  5. Wes Anderson is also known as Lars von Geometrier
  6. If Anderson Cooper walks in a forest and farts, does it make a sound? Nope he's gay!!
  7. Which hero does Wes Anderson main on Overwatch? Symmetra.
  8. Why is Anderson Cooper's show called 360 degrees? Cause he's not straight
  9. What do you call a news anchor with diarrhea? Anderson p**...
  10. So Anderson Cooper came out... That's going on the we-d**...-ulist

Anderson joke, So Anderson Cooper came out...

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Of course trump will challenge the results. He will not take no for an answer.

Just ask Ivana trump, Jill hearth, Jean carrol, summer zervos, alva Johnson, Jessica leeds, Kristen Anderson, Lisa boyne, Cathy heller, temple McDowell, Amy dorris, Karena Virginia, karen Johnson, mindy mcgillivary, Jennifer Murphy, Rachael crooks, Natasha stoynoff, juillet huddy, Jessica drake, ninni laaksonen, Cassandra searless, Mariah billado, Victoria Hughes, Bridget Sullivan, Tasha Dixon, and Samantha holvey.

Whenever she was asked her name, a little girl told people, I'm Mr. Anderson's daughter.

Her mother told her this was wrong. Instead, she must say, "I'm Sarah Anderson."
At the grocery store she was approached by a friend of her fathers. He asked, "Aren't you Mr. Anderson's daughter?"
Sarah replied, "I thought I was, but my mother says I'm not."

Mr. Johnson was playing in his frontyard with his fav grandson Toby when he saw Toby's teacher approaching

Mr. Johnson : "Toby go hide now, boy. It's your teacher. Aren't you skipping school?"
Toby : "Oh no! You go hide grandpa! Quick! Now!"
Mr. Johnson "Why should I? You're the one skipping school here!"
Toby : "That's the problem, grandpa. I told Mr. Anderson you died this morning. That's why i'm skipping school"

A woman whose husband had entered the Navy, gave the pastor of her church a note just as he was mounting to the pulpit one Sunday morning.

The note said John Anderson, having gone to sea, his wife desires the prayers of the congregation for his safety.
The minister in haste picked up the slip and read aloud,
John Anderson having gone to see his wife, desires the prayers of the congregation for his safely .

Anderson joke, Why American Names Are Like –  Jackson, Wilson, Markson.....